My name is Serhii Pikhota, I live and work in Poznań, Poland. I believe that software must be efficient and convenient to use, and that’s what I pursue in my projects. I enjoy diving into low-level details of the technologies I work with and utilize them to their best.

I’m a professional game developer. At my job I work with Unity engine, but I also do personal projects with C/C++ and OpenGL. I’m most interested in systems programming, networking and graphics programming.

Other than game development I’m also a big fan of open-source software and GNU/Linux operating system in particular. I use it as my daily driver and I am fascinated with what can be done with it. Also recently I’ve discovered the Rust programming language and got very excited about it. I’m making a few open-source projects with it to learn this language.

On this website I mostly write about computer science, Linux and game development, but also on different technology-related topics.